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We provide a comprehensive range of services to enable our clients to appoint a single media service provider who has the capabilities and experience to manage any aspect of media requirements. Combining our innovative fact-based solutions with our unequalled network of contacts, passionate team of experts and world-class transactional services, our clients have a unique opportunity to benefit from appointing Tactics to handle all the process from inception to completion and eventual success.

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Public Relations and PR Services

Tactics Public Relations services specializes in drafting compelling stories and delivering them where they will get the most effective results. We create your most valuable public relations asset: content you can leverage, from news releases to blogs and crisis communications.

Our goal for you is simple and clear: Be heard… Be delivered.

Our singular focus on PR helps us generate buzz for clients across a wide range of industries. To do this, we use the tools that tell your story most effectively – whether it is media outreach, strategic planning, news releases, awards, events, online video and podcasts or social media. Public relations is a way beyond sending out press releases. It is about telling your story in a way that makes people care, and making the right connections that get you noticed. It is about starting conversations that lead to new business or that change behaviors and opinions.

Good public relations gets your name out there. Great public relations gets your story out.

Social Media Services

Why to Use Social Media?

Public Relations believes a successful PR campaign today should include social media strategies and support. Your public is out there, networked and interactively discussing information of vital importance to you. You must decide how, when and where to participate.

Tactics can create content for your current social media team, develop strategy, and implement or manage social media accounts for your long-term PR plan, as well as combine their use with PR efforts for more specific events and/or company announcements. We can audit your social media presence as well.

Multimedia & Design Services

Effective promotion and advertising of your business is crucial. It takes a knack for creating a buzz, being visually arresting or attention-getting. Tactics design team is the one-stop resource for all your advertising design needs. Here you will find the solutions for all your requirements from the outline of concepts and messages of your media to the final printing.

Our design services include the following,


  • Corporate and Institutional Publications
  • Brochures
  • Logos
  • Business Cards 
  • Annual Reports
  • Media Kits 
  • Presentations for the General Public 
  • Advertorials


  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • E-newsletters
  • Web Documentaries
  • Infographics


  • Scripts and Synopses for Corporate and Institutional Videos
  • Video Shooting 
  • Video Editing 
  • Expert Interviews

Research Writing

We create a competitive advantage for our clients by consistently accumulating market knowledge through research and applying that knowledge in consulting with our clients.

Our research team is made up of highly experienced and specialized qualitative and quantitative designated research specialists and consultants. Our research team goes through a rigorous training program that goes beyond anything offered in the industry. This investment in our team's knowledge enables us to deliver the highest possible standards in product delivery.

News & Feature Writing

We pride ourselves on our flexibility that can turn content around very quickly. Tactics produce all the content you need from news, features, reports, investigation, events’ coverage and analysis. Our specialized editorial team bring their know-how and creativity to the projects they work on. Our team also own a unique editorial strategy and a day-to-day operations for all content and digital platforms including an extensive understanding of newsroom and production. 

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