Communication as Your Soft Power

With our "seven communication pillars" approach
you will get A seven star brand exposure

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Make your reputation a driver for your revenue growth
Where communication becomes your business enabler
and your brand become the most valuable asset

Communication as Your Soft Power

With our "seven communication pillars" approach
you will get A seven star brand exposure

Snow Ball Approach

Our "Snow Ball" approach integrates and orchestrates between all the seven communication pillars, to build a synergy across the communication plan and assure the accumulation of impact on the targeted audience, in order to keep growing and developing during the whole period of executing the communication strategy. This will lead to boosting the brand reputation, and enhancing the clients' profitability.


We deliver 360 degrees of service, inclusive of integrated communication, branding, web presence, and content development services, in addition to public relations and media organization. With our robust media relations and extensive network, your brand exposure will achieve the maximum impact on your targeted audience.

Public Relations
Public Relations
Public Relations
Public Relations
Public Relations

We develop websites and portals using well-known programming languages such as PHP, HTML, and SharePoint.

It takes a knack for creating a buzz, being visually arresting, or attention-grabbing. Tactics design team is the one-stop shop for all your branding-requirements.

Our specialized editorial team brings their know-how and creativity to the projects they work on.

Public relations is way beyond sending out press releases. It is about telling your story in a way that makes people care, and making the right connections that get you noticed.

Your public is out there, networked, and interactively discussing information of vital importance to you. You must decide how, when, and where to participate.

Tactics produces all the engaging content, and does it consistently, including what you need in news, features, reports, investigations, events' coverage, and in-depth analysis.


Success stories

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the IT and Digital sector. We master the art of simplifying advanced concepts to non technical audience

Success stories
Maritime and
Marine Industry

We are considered the first maritime specialized communication agency in the MENA region

Discover more success stories
Success stories
and EdTech

Our consultants are experts in delivering marketing solutions
and services to Education and EdTech markets


We help in building your Digital Business Strategy. We can take you through all the steps you need to go through, in order to make sure you get the maximum ROI of your project. Including:
  • Feasibility Study and Market Research
  • 4Ps and 4Cs Mix Analysis
  • Product Life Time (PLT) Analysis
  • Customer Life Time Value (PLTV) Analysis
  • User Experience Audit for your digital platform
  • Brand Persona Grid
  • Brand Development and Corporate Identity Stories Guidelines
  • Brand Tune of Voice Guidelines
  • Go to Market and Communication Strategy

A Team of Subject Mater Experts

Our team of expert and professional consultants bring into play their extensive media experience and qualitative knowledge of the maritime industry.

Our consultants are specialized in three major areas:



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