Director's message

Our Visionary Leader

"All over my life, I have believed that Innovation is about change. Media products and services are changing. The processes, production and distribution of media are changing as well. However, I have found out that media is still dominated by traditional methods, that’s why I have started Tactics to inspire the innovative mobility towards the real meaning of “Multi-media”. I hold a sincere belief that Tactic’s team are the foundation of our success. With shared values and an unwavering commitment to creating a culture of exceptional service, I believe Tactics must boast the best breed of media professionals and calibre.

Our image is defined by what we value. I place a high priority on providing a superior level of service to our clients, striving to exceed their expectations with uncanny anticipation of their needs. I believe strongly in treating our clients and our employees with sincere respect and integrity. These values are the foundation of our reputation and the cornerstone of an exceptionally positive work environment."

Abdelghani Abughazaleh